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Fansipan Conquering and real experiences

"Life is as a mountaineer", some reach to the peak and enjoy satisfaction, some reach the middle and experience longingly remember, and some stay at the foot and see. In our daily life, everyone has to experience difficulty and hard time in life. There is a saying that "behind success is sweater and tears". We all want to win, succeed and challenge ourselves with new things. Each of us has courage if we know how to take advantage of our strong points and overcome our weakness; surely we will overcome any difficulties. Fansipan peak with the height of 3143m is not a small challenge. Let try one time as an experience of life.

I/ Difficulties that Fansipan conqueror often meets:

1. Weather: such as rain, fog has significant effect to the movement in a terrain with slope and mountain pass; your interests; pictures taken are not beautiful; mosquitoes and terrestrial leech will appear etc. So, before deciding the trip, you should watch the weather forecast program for the Northwest and Sapa.

2. Your health:

· Before climbing about 3-5 days, you should practice, do exercises such as walking, Yoga, jogging, etc. and limit smoking. Especially, you should prepare a good, comfortable and joyful spirit. If you can ask your friends to climb together, it will create a good team spirit. It had better take some kinds of drugs such as anti-diarrheal, influenza, medical alcohol, medicated oil, cotton, bandages and compresses, Salonpass and some candies with highly nutritional content such as Chocolate, candies, ginseng tea, mosquito-repellent cream, cream to prevent terrestrial leech. Length of road is very tough and difficult; therefore, you should not be subjective. Many people has good health, however their feed are not enduring. Initially, you can walk very normally, but after a long road of 2 - 3 hours, you begin feeling exhausted. Your calves of legs are so painful, or your knees can not stand walking. The most important thing in this situation is a good spirit. You must affirm that you will climb to the peak. Therefore, you should rest for 5 minutes to massage and rub your legs. But it had not better rest too long, because that will make you lazy. You should know to take care of yourself, encourage yourself not to be discouraged and rely on other persons that will influence on your group. In the case that you cannot really continue, it should return rest place and wait for the group, but "remember to lay by part of foods". Doctors advise that persons with heart disease, blood pressure, respiratory distress disease, pregnancy should not climb. In days before climbing, it had better eat enough nutrition, vitamin C, drink enough water, limit beer, wine and especially sleep enough 7 hours per day

· For persons who are using long-time drugs, it should take their drugs with in every journey.

3. If your travel by yourself:

You should select a guiding person who is very conversant with topography and so enthusiastic. It had better to be an H-mong person or a local guider but their cost is a litter bit higher. Prepare tent because there are two rest stages in night on road. One point is at the height of 2,200 m with usual temperature of 8-10oC in the winter and 12-15oC in the summer. The rest is at height of 2,800 m with temperature of 1-5oC in the winter and 10-15oC in the summer. Depending on your health, you can choose itinerary of two days and one night or three days and two nights. If you choose itinerary of two days and one night, it is usual to sleep at the height of 2.800 m. If you choose the itinerary of three days and two nights, it is better to rest the first night at the height of 2.200m and the second night at the height of 2,800 and then return by Sinchai road.

Each this sleeping place can only contain 15 - 20 persons; therefore, in holidays, there may be many visitors and there is no place to rest. Therefore, you should take sleeping tent or sleeping bag with yourself to be sure of sleeping place. There are many types of sleeping tent such as types for two persons, three persons, ten persons, etc. depending on number of people in your group. If you go with your girlfriend, your wife, it had better sleep separately to ensure health.

These types of sleeping tent and bag are made of light parachute fabric, small and neat but warm and well-aired; therefore, types of insect can creep into. In the tent, it is laid by a thin lining made of foam rubber. In addition, it is equipped a sleeping bag, or an air cushion with pillow to prevent from back pain, so you can have a sound sleep. You can hire these applications at Viet Discovery Tourism Company Ltd at 49 Fansipan, Sapa Town with phone number of ++84 203.872606 This Company specializes in organizing Fansipan discovery with enough climbing equipment and is ready to advise you. Moreover, if your want to record your achievement by certificate of wining Fansipan peak, this company will make for you for free. You should buy insurance before going to climb to prevent from risks because risk in climbing is quite high.

4. Food

You should eat and drink boiled food and water with light food but nutritious such as vegetables planted in Sapa. For breakfast, you should bring noodle or packed noodle contained in plastic bow sold in supermarket, coffee or ginger tea is better. For lunch, you should bring Beget bread with boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato or cheese, jam, butter. Dinner is as usual. Remember to bring tissue, toothpick, toilet paper, knife to whittle fruits. You should also some nutritious fruits such as orange, mandarin, mango...for eating along the way to recover energy.


You should bring 3-4 bottles of water for each person and you should drink a little but many times, not too much at one time because it will be hard to move and full from drinking. When you are tired, you should breathe in through nose and out by mouth in order to maintain your energy better.

5. Required equipments for Climbing Fansipan

General requirements: light and tidy, keep warm when feeling cold, discharge heat, avoid being scraping, easy to move, absorb sweater, waterproofing, avoid terrestrial leech and insects.

Shoes for climbing depend on whether condition. If it is sunny, then it's better to bring shoes for soldier because they are soft, easy to carry and airy so that your feet will not be wet by sweater. You should choose the fit ones to avoid being hurt at legs. These kinds of shoes are sold massively in Sapa and they are quite cheap.

Suitable shoes are made of leather, high-necked (above your ankle) with rubber thorn at bottom (stick to stone better than soft plastics). You should choose your shoes with the first target as "enduring and stick to stone".

6. Stick for climbing

There are various kinds: metal stick with elastic spring which can adjust the length depending on your height. You can shorten it and put it into backpack when you don't need it. You can rent one in Sapa to save money because it is quite expensive. Another kind is normal bamboo stick: not elastic and you can ask your porter cut for one along the way.

7. Waterproofing shoes

It is very uncomfortable if your shoes get wet. Waterproofing shoes will help you pass over paddles without worrying about getting wet. These shoes are paved a layer of waterproofing glue.

8. Gloves

Gloves with rubber thorns. They are so thin that you will feel comfortable when doing things such as taking photograph, hang on mountain or tree branch...

9. Cover legs and knee

These are elastic tapes with functions to prevent vein, ligament, and muscles...from being wrenching or stretching muscles when you move. Most of the tapes selling in the market are in the same size and you cannot adjust the strain and are not suitable for climbing mountain. Most of these kinds of tapes are made of polymer and rubber so that they press legs in a long time and not causing skin discharging. You should make it so tight because it may cause difficulty for blood circulation. Using these tapes for legs you will avoid wrenching quite well. There are many kinds of tapes in the market and you should consider whether to use them or not.

10. Clothing

You should choose clothing made of cotton because they are soft and airy so that you can move easily. You should bring at least 2 sets of clothing: one for wearing and one for changing and it is recommended to bring sleeping suits. If it is rainy then you should bring waterproofing clothing because raincoat will make it difficult to move.

11. Hat

It is very necessary to choose soft hat with large margin because when you reach to the height of 2,500m, it will be very windy. You should also bring one woolen cap to cover your head and ears when sleeping. It is very good for your health.

12. Backpack

You should choose a small and tidy one with firm carrying strings because it will be very complicated if these string broken down. You should carry from 5-8 kg inside for your convenience. You should charge your mobile phone and should bring a small nylon cover to contain mobile phone and camera in case it is rainy.

13. Scarf

To protect your health you should bring scarf for sleeping at a very high position to avoid having flu in the forest. In addition, you can use scarf to dress in case you are wounded. Don't forget to bring towel, toothbrush and toothpaste and razor (for man).

14. Light equipments

You should bring 1 flashlight for each person. It is best if you can buy the one which you can hang on your head, the one can charge from 8-10 hours. If you have a large group then you should bring high capacity flashlight or even a small electric generator. You should also bring candles for lighting when having dinner; you can put it into the bamboo tree or on the ground.

15. Camera

If you are not a professional cameraman so that you should bring mini automatic camera because the path in the forest is very narrow that it can be touched to stone and trees so that you should carry it at your front chest and remember to bring small nylon in case it rains to avoid making it broken.

16. Contact information

You can use mobile phone in various points. There may be some locations which are out of services and followings are solutions:

- Set contact information in advance

- Set different stop points to wait for each other if you have a map already

- You should be divided into small groups if your group is a big one

- Supporting equipments such as: whistle, walkie-talkie, flashlight, fireworks, path marker

- Preset urgent signals

17. Other notes

Protect forest and keep environment sanitation

In general, everyone is aware of environment protection, especial tourism environment. In order to keep our forest clean and green, you should follow regulations of Hoang Lien national park:

Don't throw rubbish along the way. You should put your rubbish in your backpack and then put them into rubbish bin when you meet one.

Don't carve on stone and on tree along the way

Don't cut trees or fire in the forest, especial in dry season.

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