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Genneral Introduction:
Phan Xi Pang, Fansipan or Phan Si Phang is a granite pole cutting out of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, it is the highest mountain of Viet Nam and the three indochinese countries with the height of about 3.143metters, it also called "The roof of Indochinese". Fansipan is 9km far from Sa Pa town belong to the northen west of Viet Nam. According to the local language, the mountain here named "Hua Xi Pan", it means that "the huge tottery stone". The fog covers full year and Fansipan is impressive and romantic place to welcome the tourists to come and discover.

To be the typical place of bio-diversity, the flora here is plentiful with more than 2000 species belonging to 771 branches of 200 groups; there are sixteen species written in the world red book. There are some of species belonging to the rare groups and typical for the region such as: Po mu, Thong lun, Hoang Lien, Tam that (type of bulbous aralia), Do trong...etc. Most of them relating to the flora groups that were named by Sa Pa or Fansipan, it is the endemic species of the north of Hoang Lien range such as: The species relating to orchidaceae is Habenaria chapaensis, Tainia chapaensis...The Ericaceae is Rhododendron chapaensis... The Pinaceae is Abies Fan Si Panensis...Up to now, by the method of statictic there are 447 kinds of animal in which having 74 beasts, 253 kinds of birth, reptile, 120 kinds of amphibian that were the first recorded in Viet Nam. The nature here is so temperate, there are hundred kinds of flower blooming in the four seasons; it is a reservatory place of biosphere and also is the source of bio-diversity conservation with the high value in Viet Nam.

Geology, Geomorphology:
Fan Xi Pang belonging to Hoang Lien Son mountain range that located in the Hoang Lien National Park, it was formed in the period of Tan Tien belonging to Ky Phan Trang - Dai Trung Sinh 100milion years ago. Due to the age of geology is low, so the Hoang Lien Son including Fansipan that were considered tobe the young mountain range, the top of the mountain is sharp because of distroying by natural procession. The mother stone in the region having two main groups: Macma axit and degenerate stone with the major kinds such as: Granit, Gnai, Limestone... There is a huge division in the region between the top and valley. There are many widen valleys with rich soil in the regions naming: Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ban Ho and Than Thuo committee. It is the visitting place for tourists and discover the the local culture.

Historial and Cultural value:
Fansipan located in the Hoang Lien National Park, it also is the homeland of ethnic minority communities such as: The Mong, the Dao, the Giay and the Tay with the local original activities that were preserved such as: Gau Tao festival of the Mong; Dancing ritual of the Dao; the ritual praying for good crops of the Giay: "Long Cong" ritual of the Tay with traditional cultural beuty that was conservated up to now. Especially, the ladder field of the Mong forming around the mountain, green forest areas and villages are the source of inspiration for cameraman, photographers and tourists when coming to Sa Pa and Fansipan. The Sa Pa ancient stone field was discovered in 1925 locating Muong Hoa valley belong to Hoang Lien Son mountain range with 200 different kind of typical carving stones that have not been decoded yet, so it more and more create the attractiveness of Hoang Lien Son and Fansipan mountain range attracting the tourists to come and enjoy.

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